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Saturday, April 20th, 2024    
Willie's is the best choice for your film support services! Willie's is the best choice for your film support services!
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Then you have come to the right place!

Vartan "Willie" Kalajian invites you to enjoy the qualities and abilities of 'Willie's On and Off Road Center' in service and support of your remote film location needs.

Our rates are extremely competitive.

You will find that our ability to scout for, get you to and support you in the location of your mind's eye is without compare.

We are not just another 'valley' company. Far from it. We know the southern California deserts like our own back yards... and that is because the deserts are our back yards! We live in the high desert and have over 30 years experience scouting and roaming BLM areas.

Willie has even created special 'dune buggie' modifications requested by the grips to meet their special needs and has incorporated those ideas into other riggs and support equipment.

If you need that special location, unique vehicle support and a vast amount of area knowledge and experience, then you need 'Willie's On and Off Road Center'!

Willie's On and Off Road Center
48301 National Trails Hwy.
Newberry Springs, Ca. 92365
Tel (760) 257-3734
Cel (760) 953-3303
Fax (760) 257-3335
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