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Willie's is the best choice for your film support services! Willie's is the best choice for your film support services!
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Hidalgo at Dumont Dunes!

This was our largest shoot to date! It was over 200 people, all services required to support them and the locations were all over the dunes!

People needing to be at set, then at the main camp, then at the mini-camp, and back again! Of course it seemed like all at the same time!

7 buggies for four days, 9 buggies for one day and 1 4x4 for the entire time = one hell of a great shoot!

We covered it all! Scouting, Set Security, Location Marking, Cross Desert Taxi Services, Vehicle Recovery (cast and crew vehicles), Search, Guide Duty for the Animal Wrangles, Perimeter Duty (chasing boggies BEFORE they disturbed the sets)!

The Grips fell in love with our equipment once again. As it was put by one, "We love anything we can put wood screws into!" and they did! The Grips even built a second story onto the buggy that was assigned to Camera and Grip duty!

This buggy was seriously loaded down, but it got them all anywhere they needed to be. Even into the set location deemed 'Limited Use' by the BLM.

And Willie supplied the specially rigged buggy required to get into that location and remove all traces of the Hidalgo Production ever being there!

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM)!

And speaking of the BLM, the rules, regulations and areas under their management, Willie not only works WITH the BLM, but at times has been their on sight agent!

Having this type on contact, knowledge and experience ON SET is very useful to the Production Company. You will find that the BLM issues that arrise from time to time are much better dealt with when there is a knowledgable person on site. And avoidance of issues is even better!

Subaru's SUV Commercial

Subaru shot a commercial in the deep sand for their new SUV. Willie's On and Off Road Center was the perfect choice, as you can clearly see.

Suzuki's ATV Commercial

The TV commercial for Suzuki's newest ATV rocks!! IT ROCKS HARD!! And we are proud to be able to say we were a part of it!

If you saw this commercial, you know what we are talking about. If not, sorry, but you missed it...

Once again, Willie pulled out all stops in support of this project, and the crew loved the support, the equipment and the task oriented, 'can do' attitude of the Sand Master and his crew! (Dune Crew / Sand Pants - heh, Tommy? )

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